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Discworld Clean ear Patrician

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Printed Date: 23 May 2018 at 11:12

Topic: Discworld Clean ear Patrician
Posted By: Daniel
Subject: Discworld Clean ear Patrician
Date Posted: 15 May 2018 at 08:17
I recently acquired one of the mini-sheets of 6 Clean Ear Patricians, SHS 0038 C, from 'The Year of the Signifying Frog' or 2005 to those of us not up on Discworld years. There seemed to be discrepancies in the Discworld catalogue where 3 mini-sheets are listed but only one is stated to be a 'sport' (a deliberate error in general philatelic terms), that is, the missing dot sport. In the catalogue, the Clean Ear Patrician is not recognised as a sport in itself. After consulting Colin, the designer, he confirmed that it was a sport.

I have posted on the Discworld Forum but, although much viewed, no-one has responded. Can anyone here add any new information on the 3 mini-sheets?

Thank you.

Posted By: phalarope
Date Posted: 19 May 2018 at 03:34
I'm one of the viewers on the CA Forum, and I interpreted your post as simply new and useful information, not a question as such.  I don't have any more information on the 3 mini-sheets than you do, but I would consider whatever Colin has said as the most accurate.  It is confusing that the sheet letter designations don't match those of the individual stamps.  Sheet B = stamp Dw, sheets C & D = stamp Bw.  It's up to Steve to modify the catalogue listing, should he choose to do so.

I'm flummoxed by the Penny Patrician Black Pink, SHS-AM0038-Cm, which looks like a Clean Ear, but catalogued with machine perforations.  It's listed as a "Very Rare Item".  What's the story around these?  Are they really machine perfed?

Cheers -


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