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England Winners 2017

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Topic: England Winners 2017
Posted By: Daniel
Subject: England Winners 2017
Date Posted: 05 April 2018 at 11:57
It is, perhaps, a little known fact that England football team(s) won the World Cup last year, twice! You're probably thinking that there wasn't a World Cup in 2017, only there were, FIFA Under 20 and FIFA Under 17 World Cup competitions. For this latter competition England beat Spain 5-2 in the final in India in October. Earlier in the year on 11th June 2017 England's Under 20s team beat Venezuela 1-0 in the final in South Korea. 

It seems a shame that Royal Mail are unwilling to commemorate British sporting victories, outside of the Olympics. Think about Lewis Hamilton, 4 times Formula 1 World Champion, but not honoured on UK stamps, even though Guernsey, Isle of Man and Canada have all issued postage stamps for him.

So, I like these Cinderellas that someone has produced for the Under 20 FIFA World Cup with a nod to the stamps issue from 1966 and printed imperforate on thin card:" rel="nofollow">" rel="nofollow - World Cup U20 2017 by" rel="nofollow - Spicer57 , on Flickr

Posted By: Steve
Date Posted: 05 April 2018 at 12:23
I am a long standing FI fan but Lulu Hamilton is not top of my list for those I would like to see on a stamp. Being in the best car on the grid for virtually his entire career should have got him more championships. I find myself rooting for the Marenello guys. His attitude does not endear him to the fans at races. At this year's Aus GP winner Vettel got a good applause from the crowd, but this was eclipsed by that for Kimi who came in third. Hammy took second place and was greeted by a mix of half hearted cheers and boos.
Contrast him to James Hunt, especially the year when he won the title in what was basically a privately entered car, against the might of Ferrari. That season was so hard fought, on the track and through disqualifications and appeals. The dramatisation of that year. Rush, is gripping enough, but half the full story is edited out. Hunt may have clinched it due to Laudas appalling crash in Germany and the torrential rain in Japan, but Lauda gives Hunt the most overwhelming tribute to a fellow sportsman ever in the closing moments. Hamilton will never remotely get that degree of respect from his opponents.

-------------" rel="nofollow - The Discworld Stamp Collector on FaceBook Have a look!

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